Breanna Fain

Marketing through Social Media is about content and building a strong following. Here are just a few things I learned along the way. Social media has to do a lot with the content you post, when you post it, and the quality of the posts. According to surveys and my personal experience as a Social Media Marketing Intern this summer, the best times to post on social media are:

Monday: 7 pm or 10 pm
Tuesday: 3 am or 10 pm
Wednesday: 5 pm
Thursday: 7 am or 11 pm
Friday: 1 am or 8 pm
Saturday: 12 am or 2 am
Sunday: 5 pm

I concluded that posting during the week after work hours is best for me. This is because people are home relaxing after dinner or working out. It’s the end of the day and most people are going through their social media feeds. On the weekend’s people generally have plans and so even though they may have more time, they will probably be busy doing things with friends or social activities rather than lying around scrolling on social media. Also, I try to avoid early mornings because people are rushing to work, sitting in traffic or have just started a busy day at work, so I wait for the work day to be done, although on weekends posting in the morning isn’t that bad. This is just my experience but it will most likely differ from person to person depending on the content and target audience.

It’s important to not “over post” or “under post”. I post 1-3 (3 max) times a day on Instagram. I don’t want followers to forget our account and I don’t want them to un-follow us either because our content is continuously popping up on their feed.

The quality of the pictures is so important. The higher the quality of our content the more professional and appealing it will look to followers. People want to see clear, aesthetically appealing pictures and videos, not blurry poorly edited ones.
Lastly, it’s good to follow people that will have an interest in our product, like women who work out, moms, fitness enthusiasts, women who are on weight loss journeys. For CoverMyCurves, our target audience was women and girls of all shapes, sizes, and ages. However, since the CoverMyCurves product is a fitness accessory, our target audiences are women/ girls who workout. I had to add those kinds of hashtags on each post and try to follow people who would be likely to invest in our product. That way if they have an interest in our product and our content, they are much more likely to follow us back.

The main setback in this process is that it takes a while to build a following on social media. However, we don’t only want a large following, we want to make sure that they are also buying the product and engaging with our content.
I recruited my friends to model the product in a CoverMyCurves commercial that I directed, filmed, and edited. My boss gave me complete creative control and of course gave her feedback and final approval before I posted it to the company’s social media websites. The concept of the video was to show that you can do a variety of workouts in the CoverMyCurves fitness wraps all while being super comfortable with your body and looking fabulous while doing so. The goal was also to show that the CoverMyCurves fitness wrap is for girls of all shapes and sizes. The young women in the video did activities such as kickboxing, dancing, cheerleading, cycling, running, walking, lifting weights, squatting, and so much more. It was a fun experience to combine the marketing, advertising, and film skills that I had acquired over to summer to make an entertaining video that would attract consumers to buy the product. We also made other short infomercial-like videos explaining the functions of the product to make the content more interactive so consumers can really get a realistic point of view of the product.

In conclusion, my duties were to post daily on the company’s social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest to increase product sales and new customers. I had to post informative, entertaining content to market the product. I observed that the amount of social media posts, likes, and followers correlated with a rise in product sales. For example, I gained the company’s Instagram page 200 new followers in one week and my boss would text me at the end of the week saying that the sales had doubled from the last week. Overall, I learned so much during my summer Social Media Marketing Internship at CoverMyCurves and my gained marketing experience has made me a more well-rounded student!