Paul Smith-Profit

When it comes to shopping online it is becoming more popular and convenient for customers instead of going in the actual stores. Popular online stores to buy products such as Amazon, Ebay, and even regular shopping stores are all known for doing online shopping. Throughout this paper I will describe some ways on how the future of online shopping will impact the environment. In addition some of the ways I will talk about is through fast shipping, special deals, and impact on our environment.

The first way I’m going to talk on how Online shopping is impacting the future is how quickly orders get the the house when they were shipped. Typically when somebody orders something through the mail, depending on your local mail carrier packages are usually shipped to somebody’s mailbox Within three to five business days. However, popular online shopping stores like Amazon are known for their high speed shipping that can send packages to their customers within the next business day.

This fast shipping requires a membership customers subscribe known as “Prime” in which these benefits allow them to receive their online orders within a couple of hours after ordering it online. Another thing that is also cool with being a Prime member is that they will now be subscribed to certain movie channels such as HBO and Showtime. In fact, another cool thing about Amazon is they now have a section where customers can purchase their groceries. Instead of being called Amazon it is called Amazon Fresh, they provide all the typical groceries that will be seen at a grocery store like milk, fresh produce, and even frozen foods. Furthermore, if the customer spends over twenty five dollars worth of groceries the shipping will be free.

Lastly, as far as the the impact of the shopping environment I think it will be impactful for the simple fact that it gives people another option when comes to the type of shopping they want to do. This will be very great for people especially during the Black Friday Holiday shopping. Instead of going to actual store and fight off hundreds of people for theses items, looking for the items online is less stressful.

In conclusion these are some of the reasons I see online shopping impacting the future.